The Fransche Hoek Estate is situated in a transition zone between Renosterveld and Fynbos. This is reflected in the estate gardens planted along the roads and pathways, as well as the common areas.

Residents are encouraged to landscape their private gardens in a similar fashion, with freedom of design and plant choices within the boundaries of their properties, guided by the estate’s landscaping guidelines (see guidelines on Downloads page). No declared invasive plant species are allowed.

The estate boasts one of the last remaining colonies of serruria gracilis. A small nature reserve has been allocated to ensure the survival of these plants. The FHAE borders the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve which forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Winelands Biosphere.

Bees have recently been introduced to the estate as part of the farming initiative. Residents can be assisted in hosting their own bee colonies in the common areas surrounding their properties. We have been actively planting bee forage plant species in the common and agricultural areas of the estate.


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